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      Note that all contributors to the gollvm project have agreed to relicense their changes under the LLVM license and submit them to the LLVM project.

      This is a benefit of GitHub that I hadn’t really considered before. Assuming the code base wasn’t transferred from somewhere else, you can determine easily how many contributors there are. And then track them down via their GitHub accounts to get this kind of license change done.

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        Is this benefit specific to GitHub? Why couldn’t you get such information out of plain git or other VCS systems?

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          You’re correct, I could get this out of other systems.

          GitHub seems nice to me because everyone contributing has a public account, contact information, etc. There’s even a link for contributors on each project. So when you’re examining source in a “public repository” on GitHub (or BitBucket, or other equivalent) there is a lot of visibility into the process.

          I hadn’t thought about it much, but Open Source is more than just the “source”. It’s the entire development process that is open. Makes me happy.

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      As someone writing a Go compiler in Go, this is very good news for me.

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      Im really excited about this, more implementations of compilers can only a good thing for the language.