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    Chrome test labs are probably unstaffed or understaffed given the lockdown. If you’re not confident of being able to run as many automated tests as usual it makes sense to pause releases.

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      Doesn’t display much confidence in their own stability.

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        The title is pretty editorialized; the (short) announcement mentions:

        Due to adjusted work schedules at this time, we are pausing upcoming Chrome and Chrome OS releases.

        Sounds like it’s just a staffing issue.

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          Hmm. In addition to staffing concerns that seem to be the primary reason for the change, I think the balance of risk has changed in this context too. With a kind-of-amazing-scaled rapid move to relying on OSs and browsers while we all go into self-isolation, maybe risking shit breaking is just much more costly and feature competitiveness matters less.

          Maybe, even for the devs, maintenance and bug fixing has more meaning in this moment than building features.

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            right? other than google/chome team itself being unstable now, I cannot think of any reason why this current situation would produce unstable web browsers.