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I enjoy gaming and occasionally there’s an application I want to run that is unavailable on Linux. Up until now my primary way of dealing with this was to use multiple wine bottles, one for each game. While this provides a little bit of segmentation for applications, it is not a sandbox.

I figured this would be a good opportunity to test out flatpak, and figure out how to package and build a wine application with it.

I’m not actually distributing Path of Exile, or technically even packaging Path of Exile. This package really just contains everything necessary to install Path of Exile.

Path of Exile is not installed until the user runs the flatpak for the first time at which point it downloads the installer directly from their website and runs it. Everything distributed in the flatpak is open source.

Path of Exile is also free to play.

Let me know what you think of the post and if you try the flatpak and have any criticism feel free to leave me a pull request on GitHub.