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I know this sounds boring, but somehow this is a small project that I cannot stop thinking about. The company I worked for, they were in the need to a system were you fill in the hours you worked on. Many projects and their task were done on a daily base. Excel was not workable anymore. However many time trackers do exist, but are expensive or having half of the needed features. Or don’t make it easy for users to fill in hours.

As I am currently building an automatic way to track time, there are some questions I would like to have answers to.

  • Do people really want my open source product?
  • Do people want an Automatic Time Tracker

As you properly about to think now, WHERE IS MY PRIVACY? Yes, this data is very sensitive! You will running the back-end on your own server. With the automatic tracker having multiple modes like: send report on accept or fully automatic. It will only sends data to the cloud when you say so. It gathers data from programs you run and try with some pattern matching to connect programs to task of projects. It will regenerate a report of the day with one/multiple rows like : the project + task + hours + comment (if needed). Note: The tasks and projects are predefined by the admin of the webpage.

On my sales webpage I made some old screenshots, but can be still useful for getting the full picture.

Some screenshots: https://sales.muino.nl/
Docker image: https://hub.docker.com/r/muino/time-management
Github: https://github.com/martijnvwezel/muino-time-management/tree/master

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    Absolutely a valuable endeavor. I like your interface but I don’t see a mobile tool attached to this. It really seems an iOS and Android app would lend itself perfectly to keeping time for various things. Reducing the friction involved in time tracking might expand the tool’s interest range past coders and freelancers. I could see something more flexible used for tracking, say, time reading a book, or time taken on a production floor.

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      That is fully true, I also would like to have that as well. As the webpage is mobile friendly I am first focusing on a fully working desktop application, and that tracks time. However I got many negative feedback from companies that they are not interested. Maybe, they just don’t care about the developers?

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        I know it’s a struggle (and probably seems like they don’t care about developers). You can only persist and know they will come to see the value at some point. This seems like a space (time tracking) that is incredibly competitive.. lots of challenges there.

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          I always have the question why is this not being in an average format all the big players build their software with.

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      Just wondering if you’ve seen TimeWarrior. Time tracking is definitely not really solved for me.

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        Definitely not for me either. I want it to be fully automatically in predefined tasks, and projects average boss wants it.

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        I’m using timetrap with a custom formatter that lets me do more categorization. That’s been enough to charge time to a few different projects, but lacks the sort of team-wide functionality some groups will need.

        IIRC it does have the ability to sync with a bunch of different backend reporting services (not something I use personally though).

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          I know it, however idea about the automatic timetracker is that it should be in a GUI. Not every developer is good with the comand line. There is a GUI version I prefer more it is called time tracker fully open source, but the exports are not very usefull. I hope to use this to connect it with my system :)

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          I’m not a fan of software looking at windows and window titles, it’s also the reason why I went out of my way to write my own rescuetime clone.

          We’re using Toggl at work (90% because of the JIRA integration) and afaik it only syncs the times + subject lines, I certainly hope so.

          Overall it’s far from perfect but it works good enough.

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            Is this not sent to their server… I will connect those task on your own device, so no leakage of private information.

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            Pretty cool. I’m using wakatime right now as it Integrates with my editor and tracks time spent in git repositories. An open-source alternative would be awesome. At $DAYJOB we need to track time to get research credits from the government.