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    How’s this spam? Just because I wrote it with the intention of folks learning something from it? Lobste.rs is worse than HN, which says quite a bit. :)

    Won’t bother you all again, I apologize.

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        Absolutely nobody.

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        I liken it to articles on the best way to get out of speeding tickets, or how to cheat at your taxes without the IRS noticing. Just because you stick a Web 2.0 site in front of it doesn’t make it respectable.

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          Makes sense.

          From another perspective, it sounds to me like it’s a matter of ethics, more than spam. Flagging of any information regarding what some may consider an ethical gray area is a pretty shady form of censorship in my view.

          I try to help folks who need help rather than keeping the status quo going strong. And boy is it strong these days,especially when it comes to the movie industry.

          Profits > Free Information

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            And even then, it’s not good advice and it shills a service.

            How do we know put.io or a VPN isn’t just going to bend to the whim of a letter? A VPN is not a proper substitute for anonymity and privacy on the internet, let alone a service like this. The ethicality and legality is questionable - paying to pirate seems wrong to be. It’s also why Usenet isn’t a good idea for this either, and only contributes to it’s fall.

            A more correct (and technically interesting) answer would be something like torrents on I2P. (over Tor, which isn’t as good for this purpose)

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              Understood. Put.io says they never divulge customer information. But, there’s obviously no way to prove that. So, yah.

              I’m not saying this is ideal, but it’s still better than connecting to a public tracker with your ISP provided IP.

              I look at it like this: I’d rather have Put.io terminate my service if they were asked to, and same for a VPN service, than lose my home internet connection.

              I have only one choice for an ISP, so I’d be offline forever, unless I moved to another town with more options for internet service.

              Not everyone is lucky enough to have a choice for ISP. I’m stuck with Windstream unless I move to a different town.

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                All it takes is for everyone to use put.io, and then there’d be a single easy target for the MPAA cronies to lean on.

                So, a better - more useful - article, at a minimum I think, would be to explain how you can set up your own put.io with your neighbors, so at least there’s not yet-another-corporate-fileserver to contend with, out in the world.

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                  Excellent point. The folks this post was targeted at have no fucking idea how do such a thing though.

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                    Smells like a honeypot. The ideal alternative would be to describe ways that are actually anonymous and private.

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                      Yes, put.io does seem like a honeypot. Knowing the operators, however, I assure you it’s not.

                      But that’d mean you’d have to trust what I say, something most users here refuse to do when it comes to any company or individual they perceive to be advertising or spamming.

                      I simply happen to love the service and have gotten to know the operators.

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            I updated the post to clarify that your IP can be obtained by law enforcement no matter which method you use. I just can’t fathom that LE would waste time seizing a VPS or Put.io account info, unless you’re a fairly prolific copyright infringer.

            But, LE needs to bring money in, so maybe they would go after someone who downloads a few movies. Who knows what various anti-piracy groups are willing to pay LE to track down folks who have downloaed Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star.

            Very possible they target small-time pirates, just for the purpose of making examples out of them.