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    I use these X11 tools daily:

    • xterm
    • xmessage
    • xlockmore
    • xkill
    • xfontsel
    • xev
    • xcalc
    • xchm
    • glxgears

    For example xterm(1) can is one of the most compatible terminal emulator out there and its nice to have it started each time with random color theme:

    With some theming in ~/.Xdefaults both xmessage(1) and xcalc(1) look really well:

    I still use xfontsel(1) to select bitmap fonts.

    I lock screen with xlock(1) (package name xlockmore) to lock the screen:

    I also use xkill(1) when some X11 window misbehaves.

    Hope that helps.


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      what do you daily with glxgears? I thought it was just a quick test to see if 3d accelaration works.

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        Also copied one of my replies from Hacker News - may be useful for some:


        Some materials (like old HP-UX training or documentation) is available as CHM files. You can convert them to something else but it the looks like sh*t … this using xchm(1) helps here. Yes, nowadays it also does not happen that often.

        Besides xchm(1) does not look that bad:


        I use that to test what keys what codes have. For example with ThinkPad W520 the keys to the left and right of the ARROW keys are ‘NEXT’ and ‘PREV’ - I always map them to Page Up and Page Down keys with ~/.xmodmaprc file:

          keycode 167 = Next NoSymbol Next
          keycode 166 = Prior NoSymbol Prior

        … and I use xev(1) in that process first to check what codes are before xmodmap(1) does the job and second time when the new xmodmap(1) config is loaded.

        Its not daily but I also do not use nc(1) or traceroute(1) or dig(1) daily but I of course use these tools when needed.

        Hope that helps.

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        phillbush has written a whole bunch of exciting X11 tools; my favourites being xnotify (daemonless notifications) and xprompt. Bunch more here.

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          If you like daemon less notifications then you should also try Herbe:


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          No xgas in the list?

          There was also a kind of screen saver I think where a superman was pushing the root window off the monitor. I am struggling to remember the name of this, but the last time I used it was < 2000 so, if anyone remembers what I am talking about, please remind me.

          Stories with similar links:

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