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    I think the idea here must be to not allow the network traffic of background downloads to take resources away from the foreground use of the PS4

    they’re… on freebsd… they could’ve easily used ipfw queues to give lower priority to store downloads… omg

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      IIRC, the downloads are actually handled by the ARM SoC in the southbridge, for downloading while the main AMD SoC is off.

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        You’re half right, in that Sony added an ARM coprocessor to the console for that purpose. It’s just that something went wrong, and the downloads have to be handled by the main CPU even in rest mode :) Sony never elaborated on the exact reason. They just implied that the ARM processor wasn’t fast enough, but that sounds like total nonsense. A potato can handle a 100Mbps HTTP download.

        Source: http://www.dualshockers.com/ps4-consumes-70w-while-downloading-in-standby-because-it-uses-the-main-apu-and-not-just-the-arm-chip/

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      Second, these limits get applied per-connection. So if you’ve got a single download going, it’ll get limited to 128kB of receive window. If you’ve got five downloads, they’ll all get 128kB, for a total of 640kB.

      Corollary to this: if you suffer from these slow downloads, and you could possibly do multiple downloads in parallel, do so. As long as the bottleneck is rwnd and not your actual connection, each download will have nearly no effect on the others.