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    If your branch is already named “master,” there’s literally nobody going to force you to change it. Git changed a default; if you profoundly need to call your branch “master” have at it, but there’s really no need to write a 3000-some word diatribe about the decline of western civilization or whatever this is simply because of a default name changing. All your “cons” are resolved by a simple sed command, which seems to have already been run at git hq

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      Slavery was bad. That doesn’t necessarily mean that all slave owners (like George Washington) were complete monsters, nor does it mean the word “master” had any negative connotation back then.

      Any shred of positive intent that I was trying to assume on behalf of the author was immediately thrown out the window here. They might as well have written #notallslaveowners

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        Maybe Felipe just wants to say that dismantling all the positive contributions of people that also have bad ones is a failing strategy for society as a whole. Or at least that’s how I interpret what he said.

        I don’t think that jumping straight to vilifying and name calling is a good way to further the discussion.

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        Clickbait, and I didn’t come away from it with any real positive takeaway. This entire thing boils down to the Overton window. I’ll let the link speak for itself rather than editorializing.