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    When Intel announced layoffs of about 3% last year, CEO Brian Krzanich had this to say: ‘This is the way a meritocracy works’.

    What a bag of human garbage. And no, I’m not overreacting. Look, layoffs happen. That’s just business. However, his representing the layoff as “performance”-based is an attempt to preserve Intel’s reputation by throwing departing employees under the bus, and it’s going to make it harder for them to find jobs in the future.

    Not only is that move immoral, but it doesn’t work. It hurts the laid-off workers, but it also makes the CEO look like a giant douchebag, and damages morale in the company.

    From the linked article, here

    And workers say they were surprised Intel made those laid-off ineligible for rehire as regular, full-time “blue badge” employees.

    That’s a stupid policy. Again, while I generally agree that Intel has the right to set policies like that around re-hiring, as stupid as they may be, I don’t think it’s right to come out and say it. Kicking laid-off employees when they’re already down is a shitty move.

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      Looks like the article has been pulled. :(

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        Mirrored. (Tiny Tiny RSS seems to have mojibaked quotes and such. The article is still readable.)

        It seems all of JLG’s articles have disappeared from the site. Strange.

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          There’s also the really useful cached link for each article on lobste.rs, which preserved the formatting + quotes but not the header image.

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        A point not made in the article re: Intel’s design capability: the current 64-bit architecture manufactured by Intel is AMD’s, made available via their licensing agreement.