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    Happily currently coding Advent of Code and previously all my personal projects in Perl. It’s a great language and I’m proud to call myself proficient in it.

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      Still pretty good for one-liners. Happy birthday!

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        It was one of the first programming languages that I’ve learned and I still have a lot of fond memories of it. Happy birthday!

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          As a Raku programmer, every now and then when I read some Perl code, I am reminded that Raku is a Perl, even if it did not succeed in becoming the next-generation of Perl. So many cool things that I once felt were “Raku things” have been “Perl things” for a long time. e.g. the “defined-or” operator.

          There are some libraries that I would like to port over, and I believe I will end up learning some Perl anyway. Higher Order Perl, and Programming Perl are on my to-read lists. I keep looking on MetaCPAN to see what’s up in the Perl community.

          Happy Birthday!

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            Wild to realize that I’m not much older than Perl. It was one of my first programming languages and I might not have a software dev career if not for that and /cgi-bin/. I hope I have a copy of that MUCK my teen self prototyped in Perl somewhere on all these old hard drives.