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    Despite having the console open in another tab, having used it recently, this was the hardest quiz I’ve taken in a while.

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      I guess that many people don’t even use the console (by using terraform or Amazon’s equivalent), that would explain the results.

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      I passed this around a few friends in my professional network who have used AWS extensively in the past, and some of whom still use it now. Results ranged from 3/20 (me, anti-bragging rights, lol) to 7/20. AWS’s visual and interface design is truly in a league of its own in terms of utter hostility to users.

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        I’m an operations professional who set up the AWS infrastructure for a “hip, well-funded startup,” and I’m here to join the 3/20 club.

        I did get the color of the Node.js SDK right, which I’m proud of, having never noticed the logo consciously.

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        6/20 and the only AWS service in the quiz I even knew existed was EC2 (but I got that question wrong).

        These icons take cubism to a whole new level.

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          I never pay attention to the icons on aws they have always felt very abstract to me.

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            6/20 but it was almost pure guesswork. The only two I had any confidence in was the IAM and CloudWatch icons shapes, and to a lesser degree S3’s icon colour.

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              Related: How Hard Is It to Draw a Brand Logo From Memory? Much, Much Harder Than You Thought

              People have a lot of trouble even with Apple and Starbucks logos.

              Also, imagine the hell it must be to be an icon designer for a graphical language like LabView.

              Code is so abstract. Hard to turn it into graphics.