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    It’s a bit ironic when you look at the URLs that w3 has and what this guidelines mean in practice.

    I am a member of the w3c web application security working group, which is certainly an active group. But because it was founded in 2011 the URL is https://www.w3.org/2011/webappsec/

    Whenever I find this URL in auto-completion it looks wrong or old and I become unsure if this is the right page before I click “load. Or is this just me?

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      The footnote all the way at the bottom of the page is funny:

      Historical note: At the end of the 20th century when this was written, “cool” was an epithet of approval particularly among young, indicating trendiness, quality, or appropriateness. In the rush to stake our DNS territory involved the choice of domain name and URI path were sometimes directed more toward apparent “coolness” than toward usefulness or longevity. This note is an attempt to redirect the energy behind the quest for coolness.