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    Like so many other tech startups in recent years, Dropbox ran its online operation atop what is commonly called “the Amazon cloud,” a hugely popular service run by, yes, that Amazon—the world’s largest online retailer

    What year was this written in???

    Cade Metz is a total ass-clown.

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      I agree. I meant to comment that I was posting cause this article represents so many things I see developing in pseudo technical journalism.

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      Whoa, a company whose sole product is looking after many gigs of users' data is building their own server farm, hold the phone!
      I don’t think it is that epic. There are many other companies providing their own cloud, or as I like to call it, “Server architecture” or “Distributed server architecture”. Some of these other companies are even mentioned in the article.

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        Don’t waste your time. There’s no technical info in this article. It also suffers from a lot of terminology confusion. (Dropbox “left the cloud” by building their own “cloud”? Go is old but Rust is new?)