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    The link to this submission seems to be some sort of tracking link, please use the target instead:


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      You are right, sorry. I was editing the interview in the iOS Medium app and it returned me that link instead of the correct one. Can some admin please edit the link to this one: https://notamonadtutorial.com/interview-with-norias-creator-a-promising-dataflow-database-implemented-in-rust-352e2c3d9d95


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        Thank you for catching the tracking link in this story @gerikson, along with your confirmation of the same @unbalancedparentheses. I’ve replaced the story URL with the target link provided.

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      Extra relevant to Lobsters was that @jonhoo (Jon Gjengset) also tested Noria on Lobsters app for a 5x speed-up. He also submitted a podcast and a video on it.

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        Thanks for the mention! All the data for the Lobsters part of the paper came out of this thread.

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          Hehe, this is actually how I found out about lobste.rs. I agree— excellent video! ^^

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            Excellent video, I highly recommend it. Thanks for sharing it @nickpsecurity!

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            I misread that as “Interview with Moria’s Creator” and then was disappointed to read that it’s a Rust database thing :)

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              I agree, I’d have loved to hear Durin the Deathless’ views on software development.

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                “Don’t dig too deep” is certainly a good advice when dealing with software and wanting to stay happy.

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              There’s a good Corecursive Podcast episode featuring Jon Gjengset: https://corecursive.com/030-rethinking-databases-with-jon-gjengset/ - super interesting. [edit: sp.]

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                this is definitely an area of database-related systems, that needs researches attention. Smart re computation of partially aggregate results, is difficult, yet very rewarding for stream/continious query processing.

                Another interesting statement (that I just simply do not have any experience with), is catching concurrency coding errors at compile time. How is it possible in Rust? (I thought it does not have formal methods integration).

                We write a lot of concurrent code in Noria, and the Rust compiler has caught a ridiculous number of concurrency bugs that would just have slipped right by in another language.