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The story text box has raised a few questions recently, with TL;DRs being moderated out.

The alt text for it says it’s not for opinions or summary, and the relevant guideline is replicated below:

  • When submitting a URL, the text field is optional and should only be used when additional context or explanation of the URL is needed. Commentary or opinion should be reserved for a comment, so that it can be voted on separately from the story.

The point about editorializing is clear. Don’t.

With pdf submissions of research papers, it’s common to copy in the abstract. With technical content, I’ve used it to summarize the work to kick off discussion and allow people to confirm their understanding of the work, and to confirm my own.

Such summaries will always have bias, and not necessarily be correct. These two points make me feel they’re more suited to be held in comments, where votes can moderate them. Abstracts, however, are written by the original authors, and thus seem well-suited to the story text.

If all this meta achieves is documented support for comment TL;DRs rather than text TL;DRs, then, that’s fine, otherwise if you have counterpoints, please share.


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    The bias hasn’t been that big a deal in practice. We’ve been doing it this way for a long time with few complaints.

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      That’s what I feel as well, but @pushcx and the guidelines have guided me differently. That’s why I wanted to open this discussion, because maybe it’s important to make it a norm that these end up in comments just in case some day the bias does matter/is evident.

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