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    Score one more for OTP. It’s such an amazing platform. I’m happy it gets more attention now that Jose Valim dressed it up in a cute dress and called it Elixir.

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      Looking back at the challenges telcos had back in the 80s-90s with more software coming into their hardware platforms, Ericsson made gutsy and insightful decision that still pay off today. Understanding that immuatibility was the easiest way to do (distributed) concurrency and applying it pervasively to a new language was a strike of genius.

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      Isn’t it funny that the most popular use of ejabberd isn’t for open federated IM, but for custom silos and backend push notifications?

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        Hehe it depends on how you define “most popular use”. People do both federation and custom silos with ejabberd, but by definition the open federated server shouldn’t have centralized nodes that do billions of messages, therefore such a case study shouldn’t apply to federated servers ;)