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Hi lobsters!

I put this together to scratch my own itch. I wanted to be able to bookmark longer commands and always have them easily accessible with a brief textual description. I also wanted to be able to persist them across multiple machines.

Given we have non-ancient shells at this day and age, I want’s happy with a solution that would force me to copy-paste repeatedly.

In the end it, became a matter of intercepting all those requirements and the solution designed itself.

This is just a simple python script with no dependencies. I added shell functions to integrate with fish, zsh and bash as well as installation scripts.

I welcome feedback as the code is just hacked together ghetto style :)


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    Cool idea! I was surprised it doesn’t use promp-toolkit, have you looked into that? It can save you a lot of curses issues. Also promp-toolkit has a lot of cool bells and whistles that could make this even cooler!


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      Interesting. I was not aware of that library. Curses certainly has many issues that I think for the most parte have been there for years/decades. I had to resource to quite a bit of trickery, some of which I don’t fully understand. This looks like a good candidate for a curses replacement. There’s the extra dependency added requirement however.

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        You shouldn’t be afraid of dependancies.
        Pypi distribution with poetry is actually easier than distributing a single python file via github as you can install app with a single command pip install foo and it’ll even add an entry point, man pages or any other extras you might have. It also provides easy updates for your users.