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    I said it before on the fediverse, but this isn’t N800/N900 like at all. The Pocket is in the tradition of UMPCs (very small desktop-experience x86 computers, often with weird form factors) instead of the NITs of N800/N900, which are closer to (a smaller version of; like the iPod touch) modern tablets or smartphones, just running a more ‘normal’ GNU/Linux. Apples and oranges.

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      Personally I would have loved for the Pocket to come in the form factor of the N800 series or N900 series devices. A sliding thumb keyboard seems to make more sense than a very tiny touch-type keyboard.

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      I also own a GPD Pocket, and I love it lots. However, this post glosses over the keyboard as if it’s keyboard is only slightly off. It is practically unusable. If you get used to the weirdness of it then you’ll just feel weird when coming back to a standard keyboard. My highest recommendation is to get a keyboard to plug into it, which to me defeats the purpose of the super portable computer. It’s an odd device. Also, I remember hearing rumors that a new model is going to come out with an i3, so if you are interested in buying one of these devices then you may wish to snoop around for more details about that, as it seems to be a significant upgrade. Also, the Pyra is coming out, another system similar to the GPD Pocket (although it does use an ARM processor) that’s more focused around emulators but is also more portable. The creators of it have been running a very interesting development blog about the production of the device, which can be an interesting if you’re curious about the development lifecycle of a device like this.

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        Someone said in the reviews that it has power management bugs causing it not to standby when closed, which makes me hesitant to buy one.

        I would like my “phone” to be as small as possible with a fully-libre desktop OS which I’m happy to use exclusively through earbuds. I think it would also be awesome to get huge battery life by keeping X mostly off and making calls through a CLI SIP client and bash scripts “c john” to call john, and SMS/email through mutt.

        It would be a major concession but I’m actually even willing to forgo mobile data and have wifi only. Although I know most have reasoned that it’s taking a theoretical threat too far, having closed source baseband firmware and processor with possible access to main memory just feels very wrong, and all phones but the neo900 ($1200, maybe never coming out) have at best a question mark when it comes to that. There’s OsmocomBB but it’s not FCC-certified so I’m fairly certain would be illegal to use.

        My number one candidate is to build this thing https://i.imgur.com/gMa3ost.png (there are a couple newer versions of it too) what this guy that goes by “node” calls the Handheld Linux Terminal, LTE could be done through USB but it’s already pushing the limit of portability so not sure.

        Then there’s the hopefully-actually-coming-out Dragonbox Pyra which optionally includes an 3G/LTE modem, I wouldn’t have to build it myself, but it’s $900.

        It’s a shame I can’t find a portable computer that works the way I want it to.