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    https://lobste.rs/s/re2lvj/unit_testing_is_overrated, “Unit Testing is Overrated”, discusses the same topic but argues for more coverage by functional tests and less by unit tests. Both articles are really about the value that types of tests have, and balancing the amount of each to be more useful.

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      It is a question I’ve always had, is there any general rules/guidelines people follow as to what type of applications should have certain types of tests? Or is it similar to programming paradigms like OO versus functional, where it depends on the programmers involved and what their preferences are?

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      I know this has been written with java in mind, but it is a subject I have been struggling with in Angular.

      One of the projects another team was working on had a lot of tests on the individual parts of a component. Testing it does this or that - when it does that pretty much by definition. I have a lot of trouble in seeing the business value in them.

      At the same time, the project I am on has pretty much no tests because we have trouble determining what is worth testing. A lot of the business logic is on backend apis, so most of the work is really transforming results into things we can put into specific cards on the front end. I could see value in automated testing with certain inputs (mocking network, or injecting state into ngrx) - but we haven’t determined the best way to do that yet.