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I found this fascinating presentation by marcan one of the members of fail0verflow hacker group. It is about exploiting the PS4 to successfully run Gentoo Linux on it. It was previously posted 2 years ago by @sevan, but go lost into oblivion with no comments. I’ve laughed and enjoyed every bit of it and wanted to share for the joy of someone else.

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      Really not cool how casually we’re throwing around white supremacist language these days.

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        I suspect it’s a nod/reference to the (in)famous subreddit.

        Doesn’t make it better, but hey that’s hackers for you.

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          Until today, I’ve always thought of the term ‘master race’ as a synonim and analogy for: “a heavy competition”, thus being some sort of metaphor, but I’m a non-native english speaker, with no specialization on philology whatsoever, so I hadn’t thought about its use in supremacy ideologies.

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          “Master race” as a term is very much in the white supremacist tradition.

          Nazism held racial theories based upon a belief in the existence of an Aryan master race that was superior to all other races.


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      casual reminder than x86 != PC compatible

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        Thanks for commenting. I’m curious now, what can be considered PC compatible? what is considered a compliant PC?

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          Well, you have to consider that the statement basically means a system with an x86 processor is not necessarily compatible with an IBM PC and its operating systems or even applications. The biggest platform in Japan, for instance, was the NEC PC-98 - it ran MS-DOS, but it was incompatible with western systems hardware and firmware wise. Likewise, systems like the Sun386i or Nokia Communicator lack hardware and firmware interfaces that appeared on the IBM PC and its descendants in favour of its own.

          Even though the world has significantly changed and what we consder “PCs” have UEFI et al, the point stands. You can’t really use a normal “PC” operating system on a PS4 even if the system was wide open - you’d have to create a custom kernel aware of its differences.

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            Thank you very much for your explanation.