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    1. Copilot has a vim plugin? Wow where did that come from — it is going to be a pain to setup and unlikely to work well.
    2. Hey that was actually pretty painless and goes vrrrum! When did GitHub get decent VIM coders on board for their closed source projects?
    3. Oh it’s written by tpope, of course it works.

    Bonus: Tim Pope works for Microsoft‽

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      regarding the example code: unfortunately copilot will not tell you that this is perhaps not the right way to approach this type of problem. the example is clearly a sorting problem, and python has .sort() or sorted() for that, e.g.


      or in case of only 2 items:

      city1, city2 = sorted([city1, city2], key=operator.attrgetter('population'))

      or if you like lambda functions:

      city1, city2 = sorted([city1, city2], key=lambda city: city.population)