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    If you think Rust sucks, please fill in the survey too! It needs responses from outside of its own bubble.

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      This survey was kind of terrible tbh maybe it would be better if the preparation of it was a FOSS process..

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        It’s the same survey as last year, so there was a whole year to complain about it.

        The process is open, you just need to volunteer (I did last year). It’s not done through GitHub, but let’s not make presence on Microsoft’s service the bar for things being open.

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          What do you think was terrible about it?

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            Maybe it is good idk.. from my pov it didn’t look like the structure of the questions/answers would be able to identity certain types of respondents or give good insight into what they want to know.

            But I think I was also just being negative to vent, normally I wouldn’t have said anything.

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            The prep of the survey is done by a working group that’s open to join (the community team), but for reasons of speed and management, the final prep of the survey is done in a chat on the platform in use.

            It is essentially the same survey we used for the last years, because this also gives the ability to compare - also, it’s easier on the translators, as it is multilingual effort.

            We’d be interested in actionable and direct feedback, e.g. what was missing and what not. Surveying programming languages has only become popular in the last 5 years (about since we run the survey ;)), so feedback and people with skills to create them are few and far between.

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            I’ve already said that on Reddit but: Polish variant of the survey is messed up; picking “I use Rust” redirects to the page with questions regarding “Why am I not using Rust”. TBF, I’m surprised that survey is multilingual instead of just plain English.

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              Better than commenting on Reddit or here (although it’s possible someone will see it) would be to contact the community team using the information here.

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                You’re right; my laziness is becoming too apparent.