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    Using it as daily compositor on FreeBSD-Current, and from my own experience it’s very user-friendly. Even more than i3 that I used before. Excellent job, raichoo.

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      Do you reccomend it to bspwm longtime user ?

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        Well, due to the fact that I have no experience with using bspwm, I cannot answer your question. But if you like minimalism, Vim-style key binding and experience, lightweight WMs/compositors and Wayland, you can give it a try and let me know how you like it =)

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      This is tangentially related, but this is the first project in a long time that I’ve seen that uses Darcs, and I’m really happy to see it still getting used! It still feels like it was closer to “how it should be” than either Git or Mercurial.

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        The author of hikari has also created a video where they talk about how & why they use Darcs: https://hikari.acmelabs.space/videos/hikari-darcs.mp4

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          Not just a video! They wrote an entire book about Darcs: https://darcsbook.acmelabs.space/

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          I heard that Darcs has bad performance. Do you think it is unlikely to become an issue for a project of this size?

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            Hard to know without diving in a bit more. The issue isn’t that Darcs can’t scale as such; it’s that performance degrades exponentially with the number of merge conflicts. If they’re resolving those as they go, they could theoretically scale to a very large repo. But I’ll be blunt I haven’t actually kept up with development terribly well, so I don’t know how much this has (or hasn’t) been meaningfully rectified.

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              I disagree with most of your comment, ranging from the differences between DVCS being so small that they don’t matter, to the main complaints about Git being the index. But perhaps I’m biased since I’ve contributed to and used a large variety of SCMs, most notably Mercurial.

              That said, a great example of your comment self-defeating is that your comment on local branches doesn’t make sense given how Darcs is used, so I think you might be reacting strongly about a system you’ve never actually used or learned.

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                the supposed benefits of using things other than git are almost always just people demonstrating they don’t understand git’s index

                It’s silly to dismiss patch theory research as “people not understanding git’s index”. Darcs/Pijul style systems are not “just another git”, they are very different. They let you reason about unordered sets of patches and dependencies between patches. This is really interesting stuff.


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                  darcs does support branches, but it’s a separate directory with optional hard links to the origin repo. Branching in darcs is more like git’s worktree. From my experience, the darcs approach to branching is easier to handle than git branches.

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                For me, this is a prerequisite for switching to FreeBSD. I have used Sway for years and I’m not going back to X. Keep up the good work, hikari people.

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                  Well, you could continue to use Sway, you don’t need to switch to Hikari to use FreeBSD.

                  If you ever start feeling nostalgic for Compiz wobbly windows though, check out Wayfire :)

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                    prerequisite for switching to FreeBSD. I have used Sway for years and I’m not going back to X

                    I’ve gone back to X. On sway I get terrible screen tearing and awful lag when watching fullscreen video.

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                      This sounds like a graphics driver issue? Did you watch video with a video player, in a computer game or ie. in Firefox that has Wayland support?

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                        Probably. Part of the problem with software today is that it’s hard to know. Could be drivers, could be YouTube, could be Firefox, could be anything really. But it doesn’t happen in X.

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                        Is that an X video player instead of a native one?

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                      This is really cool, I’ve never been able to move myself from bspwm for X. But I’m actively searching for new WMs, particularly ones that borrow from cwm’s tagging feature. I tried AwesomeWM, but it just didn’t have the lightweight “Unix” feel that bspwm has.

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                        Try dwm. I use it because I never use any of the features of any of the other tiling WMs anyway, but with dwm I can easily change stuff because it’s written <2k LOC of very simple C.

                        Not sure what cwm’s tagging is but dwm has something called tagging.