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      The archaic “wrought” for “worked”, now commonly found only in set phrases such as “wrought iron”, makes me think of the interns as apprentice blacksmiths bashing red-hot pieces of OCaml on anvils. :-)

      …Then I open the article and I see they’re doing… something with a table and fire and pointy metal sticks and… things? What are they doing there? Alchemy? Pyrography? Cooking? ó_o

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        AI generated imagery, am I right?

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          I wouldn’t be surprised, but I figure the author or other person who wrote the prompt for it might have had something more specific in mind than just “interns doing stuff”. (The file name doesn’t help; it’s just “interns.png”.)

          On the other hand, looking at the details, maybe it’s not AI? I very well might be underestimating AI image generators, but could they do “and put a fuzzy version of our logo projected into the sky from a searchlight”?

          Looking at the picture again, I notice some details I had overlooked the first time I looked at it, like what looks like a large bucket overhead — a “ladle” for moving molten metal? — and what looks like a very large “micro”processor on a brick wall at the left, with a symbol on it that looks vaguely alchemical-ish (reminds me of the magic microprocessors in Gunnerkrigg Court), although that might be merely three circuit traces (that are on the casing of the processor for some reason?).