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    This guy is very intelligent and he’s well regarded in the real world (which is where I, being past 30, now live). He’s the sort of person who, in my view, would be an asset in any organization.

    The fact that he had such a negative “culture fit” experience says more about the company than about him. These VC-funded darlings have no respect for talent except under the most narrow definitions (shipping crap fast).

    I know, of course, that #NotAllStartups are like this, but I’ve been in this scene for longer than I wanted to be in it– it turns out to be hard to get out of tech when you have the job-hoppy CV that looks like a sociopath’s in the real world; changing jobs each year is not only not-a-requirement out there, but abnormal– and the majority of the VC darlings are that way. It’s disgusting, and marketing-using-technology has eclipsed technology, and I’m glad that someone other than me has the courage to speak up about it.

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      This is not a particularly high-content article.

      It’s basically advertising for a book, and has been discussed/critiqued at HN and other places.

      No technical value.