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      I’ve had a fair amount of success dithering an image and then laser engraving it, it looks really cool.

      A related term is “stippling”, like the classic WSJ portraits.

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        This is my project, there is a slightly improved version here: https://sheep.horse/2023/1/improved_web_component_for_pixel-accurate_atkinson.html

        The Ditherpunk page was a big inspiration for what I implemented.

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      This was super interesting. I’ve messed around with dithering stuff before to try and imitate the gameboy camera’s look, but I stopped at the inorganic looking ordered dithering. I hadn’t seen any of the work that’s been done to make more organic looking dithered images, and the results in the article looked great.

      The limited color palette dithered aesthetic really creates some striking images, I’m kind of surprised it hasn’t made more of a comeback.

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        My feeling is that the pixelated look is sort of a recurrent evolution in the history of art, like eyes and wings in biology. Mosaics and sewing samplers are basically also pixel art, or the other way around, pixel art is a kind of mosaic. Dithering looks cool even when it’s no longer technically necessary, so it’s going to pop up every couple of years here and there forever. :-)

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      @raph did a bunch of research on dithering back in the day including coming up with his great EvenTone algorithm. IIRC that was actually motivated by the need to dither colour images for inkjet print quality.

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