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    This was my first foray into working with electronics or microcomputers so feel free to imagine a progress montage punctuated by thoughtful moustache stroking scenes, eighties music and gratuitous but entirely pointless shots of the terminal.

    Usually this phase consists of me looking at a dead circuit going “why!? Why won’t you work?” before spotting the latest trivially obvious (in retrospect) self-inflicted foul up.

    A threshold of 150ms was used to differentiate dots from dashes, and pauses between letters and words were set to 500ms and 3000ms.

    Many years ago I wrote a morse code interpreter that incorporated a simple Kalman filter to infer the length of short and long dashs from the user’s own keying. I was surprised by how well it worked & it’s definitely far more user friendly than enforcing a specific rate.

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      No offense to the OP, but wow what a waste of a beautiful piece of amateur radio equipment.

      de N1TAX