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      I’ve been having some decision paralysis about what framework to build a web project in next. I’ve also learned some clojure recently and been happy with the dev experience. Maybe this article is a sign. :) Thanks for sharing.

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        Anytime! :D

        I’ve had a similar issue. The approach most Clojure devs take, i.e stringing together certain components like a routing library, an HTML DSL like Hiccup, etc., seems pretty transparent and nice, but it would be a pain for a Clojure newbie to setup x(

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          Isn’t this basically the point of luminus?

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      It’s interesting to me that the author also wrote Biff. After looking at its features, I realize that I’ve developed a web framework in Clojure as well, covering all the same pain points (emailed-token/password/either auth), data storage, streaming your data through a series of functions to render)… but I didn’t generalize mine well enough to ever actually publish it.

      Turns out there is a call for “Just simple enough to use” web frameworks.

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      I have pretty much the same feeling about working with Elixir.

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        I tried to build a small application in Elixir a while ago and found myself really confused about how to set up supervision trees and how to factor my data/genservers in general. It’s an unfamiliar architecture pattern that seems fantastic, but I felt like I really needed more guidance than I could find even reading an intro book or two.