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Sources and additional info at https://www.hillelwayne.com/talks/software-history/


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    This looks great, but my shithouse strayan intertoobs aren’t up to the task this morning, particularly from Vimeo which tends to be more brittle than YT. Is there any way I can download an mp4, or is the video on YouTube somewhere?

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      psst, youtube-dl works on pretty much every streaming media site, including Vimeo.

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        Thx! But how do you get the vimeo url? For some reason they’re the only video hosting site that makes it hard to jump from an embedded widget to the host site.

        Edit: holy crap it’s smart enough to find and parse the player embed code, nice!

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          In Firefox, I can right-click on the video and say “This Frame” → “Show Only This Frame”, which gives me the vimeo.com URL of the embedded widget, and I can feed that to youtube-dl… but yes, in this case it can do the trick itself. :)