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      The couple of weeks around when the creation of the network happened, and the rapid death of freenode were very entertaining. I happened to jump into #freenode about 5 minutes before everything hit the fan. Many communities I was in saw what was happening and as soon as there was an alternative, run by the people we’d known and trusted for a very long time, there was no question we’d be moving.

      The absolute audacity of the person (whose name I can’t remember and don’t really care to) who “bought” freenode without anyone who mattered seeming to know, was just shocking, and the blatant double speak that was used in all the communications to try to justify it just made things worse.

      Watching the… FSF I believe, try to be reasonable, talk things through and eventually realise how insane that was was amazing to watch. I feel like the whole drama would make a good Internet Historian episode, though I doubt any of his subscribers would care. Thinking about it always reminds me of a mate of mine who happened to jump into the place in space in Eve Online where the largest space battle ever happened, just a couple of minutes before it kicked off.

      Since moving, all the communities I was in have found that Libera is basically a better freenode, it felt like it gave them a chance to improve things they always wanted to, and it feels like they are actively maintaining the infrastructure, without losing any of the spirit that was freenode. I’d like to give a personal thanks to all the Libera staff for doing an amazing job - like most of us working in IT know, if no one notices your work, you’re doing your job perfectly.

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        They have group registration working, among other things!

        I wasn’t able to register a group for my project on Freenode since its inception in 2013 (well, at least I did get to register a single-hash channel for it, with help from the ops). After moving the channel to Libera, I asked them to register a group and they did.

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          We were very fortunate in that we had a short amount of time (really short :( ) to bootstrap a new network from scratch, and the operations people we had did a fantastic job of making that happen. But it also gave us a chance to turn things on that we’d wanted to turn on for a while, and things like projectserv were extremely high on our list of “things that just have to be better”. Making cloaks easy was another. Libera has been the rewrite from scratch many projects need, but with the urgency few of these rewrites get to keep stuff focused.

          If there’s stuff people want to know, or stuff they still want me to look at, be sure to let me know!

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      If this prompts someone to connect, we’re in #lobsters .

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      Was worth reading this just to be able to learn about IRCv3 which seems so cool!

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      I suggest removing the “distributed” tag as this is not really about distributed systems.

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        I think it’s highly relevant to distributed-systems research; a fork is one way that a split can resolve. But I won’t suggest adding the tag again.