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    Sarah has a list of her, @xor, and other users tweeting about the trial. The Googacle hashtag is also a good source of outside commentary.

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      It’s hard to imagine a worse medium for this than Twitter. In two weeks, this link will be utterly useless.

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        A better link would be to the first tweet in the thread: https://twitter.com/sarahjeong/status/731130322792779776

        This should continue working until Twitter arbitrarily changes something again.

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          That’s helpful, although now I’ve got replies from a bunch of randos in the mix. “I liked your gif.” Good to know.

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          Even just 23 hours after this was posted, I’m having difficulty reading the stream.

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            29 hours and you have to wade through tweets about nerds, “normies”, and anime to get to the trial coverage, and mobile Twitter doesn’t help by showing all the @replies as well. The list evaryont linked is even worse. Would be nice if Twitter had better curation features.

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          I didn’t realize Larry Ellison can get flustered. Any ideas why he would be with that question?

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            (referring to this)