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      This is great! I really like this style of explaining how the pieces fit together from the ground up. Every time I’ve tried to start a project in Phoenix (or Rails, or Django, …) in the past, I’ve been pretty overwhelmed by the sheer number of different moving parts that are simply scaffolded in.

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        Agreed, this was super well written and easy to follow. I love the idea that each section links to a commit. I might steal that for my blog :)

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          Thanks! I’ve got a whole pipeline that transforms a git log into an article formatted to work with my static site generator. I’m a big fan of the format!

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            I’d be interested in hearing more about that!

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            I’d love to get an eyeball on that pipeline, seems really cool!

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        As someone else who recently generated a new scaffolded project with Phoenix (just to have a play around, I don’t know much elixir) and felt overwhelmed by all the moving parts, I wanted to chime in too and say I found this post very handy. Thanks :)

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      This comes at a really good time for me. I was thinking of looking into Phoenix and this is a particularly good starting guide. Thanks!

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      Hmmm I was expecting something about a Minimum Viable Product that was burned after its creation so that it could be built properly…

      I however am pleasantly surprised to see how to actually build a project. Many projects have had the git rebase treatment to remove the incremental code.

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      So, I’m reading through this now, and some of the links to bits of the phoenix source code have fallen out of date. Perhaps they could be replaced with links to fixed commit blobs with line numbers? That being said, it’s super handy to see what’s going on.

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        Good call. I’ll try to get that fixed up soon.

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      This really helped my understanding. Thanks.

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