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    Now this is interesting. It is die-hard for OSS programmers to find graphics designers for a project. Code one can write oneself, but many projects need graphics, and many programmers are not very capable graphics designers. This is okay as nobody can do everything, but many programmes suffer from the lack of someone with design background. Hopefully this project can bridge the two worlds.

    Background: I lead the development of this open-source 2D jump’n’run game, which has stalled because since about two years we have no graphics designer anymore and nobody appears to know anyone who is interested. You can imagine, a game without a graphics designer is not going anywhere quickly. However, if I ask around people, the question normally immediately is how much there is to earn on the project. Open-source spirit has not spread much around from the programmer’s scene and for non-programmers it is hard to grasp how one can just code for the fun of it.

    Self-plug: if there is an open-source graphcis designer around here interested in helping said project, please PM me here or contact me otherwise (e.g., pinging quintus on the freenode IRC). I also have another open-source game project on the back burner (a 3D one this time) which is confronted with the same problem.

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      As someone with a foot in photography, I can say that the concept of enforcing copyright and getting paid for a creative work is alive and well among commentators in the photosphere. Phrasings such as “stealing” are rife. Unsplash.com offers CC0-licensed images which many people have a hard time wrapping their heads around.

      I think this is because photographers who comment on the internet skew older, there’s usually a direct economic spending on gear[1] and sometimes courses, and travel, to access photographic venues. So if someone with great gear invests their time and knowledge to make images and posts them to Unsplash, it’s seen as unfair competition.

      I personally think people should license their work however damn well they please. Not everyone has the same resources to offer their work for no renumeration. Dogmatically insisting on open source/CC0 or requiring all rights reserved is equally rude, and is generally a statement from a position of privilege.

      [1] an open source programmer generally uses their own time - the other tools (a computer and an internet connection) are de facto basics in a Western context.