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    The inability to mute groups without leaving them problem has been a big source of frustration for me. I looked around on the web and people suggested that an option to remedy that was in the beta version which I installed but never found any such option (so I guess it was probably abandoned). Can’t imagine the reasoning behind this silly behaviour.

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      Mute how? Notifications from groups? That definitely is possible. I mute groups all the time.

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        Sorry, I mean to archive groups. The moment someone replies, the group is unarchived and shows its little unread messages badge. Right now this group is not relevant to me, but I do not wish to leave it entirely.

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          The notification badges. When I am muting something, I want it to stop doing anything. Although its totally possible that they didn’t want to add another line of if/else to the code.

          What I think is that, they can just get rid of both the features and add a block group kindof thing. Where you don’t receive any notifications at all from the group.

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        Do you still get online/offline notifications for users who have disabled that? Only the read notifications for voice messages is surprising to me. The rest seems pretty innocuous.

        It would be nice if WhatsApp gave you better control over what info you send to different contacts, but it’s still more private than any other widely deployed system.

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          I don’t think you can even control online/offline status.

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            I think this might turn it off: Settings > Account > Privacy > Last seen

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              I think we’re talking about two different things. That disables the “last online” status, yes. What I was referring to was the currently online status that is shown if the user is online right now, below their name.

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                I don’t remember seeing the “online” notice after turning that off, but I may just not have noticed.

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            Its not innocuous.

            • I do not understand the need to even send any data my messages to be consumed and made loggable.
            • Even sending online offline status should be permission driven
            • Its logging the history of my activity on the app. Which is a misuse of the access rights we gave to whatsapp during install.

            Now breach of data might not be concern for some people, but all users should have the right to know that this is what is being done so that they can decide what to do going forward