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    This is a pretty nice roll-up. I’ve not really paid attention to Java since the JDK7 days — been in Scala running on JDK8 for years before picking up a Python project about seven months ago — so it’s nice to see how much has changed.

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      Honestly, they’ve improved enough that I don’t just reflexively reach for Kotlin when I need to write some Java. There’s still a lot Kotlin does that I prefer, but the gap’s narrowed a ton, to the point that it’s often just not worth it.

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      Oh boy! I can’t wait to not use any of these in the university courses!

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        The last time I wrote Java, it was 8 and then I moved to functional programming languages. Reading this article is funny for me because I only realize just now how much Java has adopted from functional programming languages since then. Back then, FP was a taboo in the Java culture, you could easily get fired for coding too functionally.