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    I hope the EU “right to repair” legislation gets passed soon, maybe that would help prevent this kind of nonsense.

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      I have been a mac user since the beige-toasters. There is no chance I would buy a computer with “DRM” crap preventing me from repairing it.

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        Didn’t the beige toasters require an Apple-licensed tool to open or was that an urban legend spread in the besieged Amiga community?

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          It’s correct, they used Torx screws for the case: teardown.

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            I just bought a torx screwdriver from Lowe’s last week. I’d hardly consider that to be locking users out of their hardware.

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              They were hard to come by in 1984.

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                Yet infinitely easier to bypass than software DRM.

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                  I started repairing Macs in 89 and had several torx screwdrivers so by then, they were easy to get.

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                    Good point.

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                  Tri-Point and Pentalobe are two common currently examples of this.

                  In highschool/college I worked at an authorized repair shop for Apple. Torx are great honestly. They are easier to work with and less likely to strip than Philips. Tripoint & Pentalobe are a nightmare to work with, which is why they are often not used internally.

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                    Torx is just a better type of allen bolt

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                      Indeed, there’s valid reasons to use Torx.

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                To play devils advocate, lots of components if replaced CAN be a security risk. It isn’t absurd to need it authorized. Now, I agree with the /u/femiagbabiaka – let users have the control over if this is possible, not Apple corporate.

                Also – the Louis Rossmann video about this topic should be entertaining. Rossmann owns a shop that does Apple repair and has been involved in the Right to Repair movement.

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                  Or a changed component can indicate some shady stuff, like a machine stolen, or a person’s laptop turned into a shady person’s parts machine.

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                    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vA_em-0VYWY Louis Rossmann sort-of-response.

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                    I actually wouldn’t have a problem with this if users could unlock this themselves. Taking your phone or computer to be repaired by a third party technician is the easiest way to get your data stolen for the average user. I’d also note that the average user will almost never repair their technology themselves.

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                      And this still won’t make most people stop buying their products.

                      It seems like the story of the pot and the frog, they try each couple of iterations to see what they can get away with. And people still buy, incredible.

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                        I think part of the issue is that most ordinary people consider computers fundamentally unrepairable things anyway.

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                          Are they really wrong? The more they believe that, the more true it gets.

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                            There is so much money and marketing in making people think so. And with phones it’s almost true, the cost of having a phone fixed is usually more than buying a working version of the same phone.

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                              Even among those who can repair their computers, a lot of them will trade increased speed, lighter weight, and smaller size in exchange for less repairability.

                              The more stuff that’s crammed onto a single chip or single board, the less repairable computers become.

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                                That and the fact that in terms of fundamentals and despite al this, MacBooks in particular are still the best laptops money can buy in terms of “not breaking randomly”, feel, battery life, etc.

                                Keyboard mess is pretty huge asterisk on this, but I don’t care if another laptop has more ports when the battery can’t last 2 hours, or if it basically bends when I’m typing on the keyboard. Everyone else is sooooo bad at making nice feeling stuff

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                              If this offends you then you’re not part of Apple’s target market.

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                                It should be illegal. The environmental damage created by blocking repair and planned obsolescence is immense.

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                                Every once in a while someone is trying these scum tactics on their customers. Looking at the track record of Apple this is just natural progression for them.

                                And I think the Apple users deserve what they get, if they keep buying Apple stuff despite all the effort Apple takes to abuse them.

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                                  It’s a widespread problem across entire industries. In my experience most large manufacturers are pretty much equally hateful of end-users. Look at the whole tractor debacle, where John Deere and others are making tractors un-repairable by anyone other than John Deere, so they can get you coming and going.

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                                  what a load.

                                  I don’t usually post complaints in public but the Macbook Pro I’ve been using lately has been a complete and utter disappointment. The keyboard is terrible, almost every key on the bottom row has either started doubling or just stopped working. It makes using it at all almost impossible!! and I really despise the touch bar, the only time I hit it on purpose is for volume keys and otherwise I just accidentally lock it all the time. I’m glad that seems to be cut out of the newest models at least.

                                  It’s just… the hardware is so beautiful, so close to being ideal, it’s so frustrating. The last Apple I had that worked exactly how I wanted was a 2015 macbook pro. Such a good keyboard. It died in a tragic latte accident and I replaced it with a lenovo x1 carbon, and this keyboard is just such a joy to type on.

                                  Anyway sorry for the negativity


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                                    How is the x1 carbon compared to the 2015 mbp?

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                                      I like it a lot, the keyboard is really great, even better than the mbp, which I was happy with.

                                      really the x1 is a fantastic machine, I am really happy with it. the only negatives are: the screen isn’t super great, but I got the non-oled version because I didn’t want/need the touchscreen, so I imagine the next gen one I get in a few years will be much better. the speakers aren’t great, but I’m not too bothered by that either. the battery life on standby is pretty iffy, but this is documented behavior with this model using linux because of some weird hardware stuff put in to support some new windows standby mode. really this is the only thing about the computer that genuinely sucks, but there’s apparently a new firmware update that fixes it that I haven’t gotten around to flashing and the battery life when off or in use is terrific, so it’s a limited issue.

                                      all that but also it’s a much newer machine and feels pretty snappy. I’m happy with it!

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                                      I work for a company that uses Mac laptops for gigs and installations, and we exclusively use 2015 MacBook Pros. I’m not sure what we’ll do as they get harder and harder to find.

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                                        you’d really think apple would pull their heads out of their asses on these pro models and offer something that actually caters to the enormous dev population that really wants to continue loving them.

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                                        the hardware is so beautiful, so close to being ideal

                                        Are you mainly referencing the past hardware? Seems lately stuff has been a bit rougher and even you said the keyboard is terrible.

                                        (re: touchbar) I’m glad that seems to be cut out of the newest models at least.

                                        It wasn’t.

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                                          re: touchbar, I was just going by a cursory glance at the apple landing page, I guess it’s still on the pro and I’m seeing the “air” or whatever? My mistake.

                                          Yeah I guess I am ultimately referencing the past hardware, though most of what makes the last few models so disappointing to me is that they really are well engineered in many respects, and most pieces fits together just right, and the weight is just so and the feel of the case is just right etc and on and on. I can look past things, the touchpad, the dongle situation, but the keyboard being so buggy and borky is just simply a no go, and that’s a shame! To be honest the very same computer I’m complaining about, I was super happy with it until the keyboard issues, and yeah it can be fixed and yeah they added the membrane but idk, it’s just disappointing.

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                                            It’s just disappointing.

                                            I feel that is almost the word of the last for years for Apple hardware. Still “good”(ish) – still works for most people, but in so many ways disappointing to more hardcore fanbase, and random weird issues. The USB-C slowing down whole systems with certain cables / connected devices, keyboard issues, throttling issues, speaker issues.

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                                        Just vote with you wallet and refrain from spending money on products which can only be repaired by “geniuses” in “licensed businesses”. Stop giving your business to Apple or to any other company which tries these shenanigans. Find another fashion item to fawn over; if you really need to partake in affluence signalling wear an expensive mechanical watch or get a Hasselblad camera.

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                                          According to iFixit, the service document is incorrect, and repairs are still possible for now: https://ifixit.org/blog/11673/

                                          They go on to say:

                                          So why is Apple doing this? It could simply be a mechanism for tracking parts used by their authorized network, to check quality or replacement rates. It’s possible that units with swapped parts may operate normally, but still report a failure in Apple diagnostic tests for having ‘unauthorized’ components installed—much like earlier units did on earlier versions of AST for third party HDD/SSD, RAM and batteries.