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    Been waiting months for this release… so I can get a 3700X at a steep discount. Which never happened. Now it looks like I’d be better off getting a 5600X for less money than new 3700X and it would have significantly better single-thread performance anyway, and nearly as good multi-thread performance. But the 3700X is still slightly more expensive.

    Markets are heckin’ mystifying.

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      May need to wait for wider availability of the 5600 parts to push excess stock down. I’m considering something similar, going to start building some price / performance graphs across a few of these parts to look for a sweet spot in my upgrade budget.

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        Do you have an idea of the savings you make by doing that? I’ve always went through a naive approach and never cared enough to plot it and compare graphs.

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          Never done anything formally, but IMO Phoronix is generally a good source of benchmarks, and pcpartpicker has graphs of prices over time from different vendors.

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            Last time I looked seriously was a while ago but there was definitely a premium for the top end parts and a nice knee curve on price/performance. I know it has flattened out a bit but still plan on taking a quick look at what more cores on Zen 2 vs faster Zen 3 cores would get me.

            On a budget but with some wriggle room I’m looking at a a few hundred dollars moving around, it is as much to avoid my thriftiness and/or buyer’s remorse as it is about absolute savings.

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        This is a meaningful step forward.

        I’m finally upgrading from Haswell. I’ll throw a RDNA2 gpu in, while at it.

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          5950X is very tempting, mass building OS packages on 16 faster cores at >4.6GHz would be so much better than on 8 cores at 3.9GHz (1700).

          But. Last generation before DDR5, isn’t it? Maybe worth waiting for DDR5…?

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            But. Last generation before DDR5, isn’t it? Maybe worth waiting for DDR5…?

            To then get the worst DDR5 CPUs and chipsets, with the slowest DDR5 RAM?

            Unless you’re the sort that likes to do constant gradual updates, a mature DDR4 is alright.

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              DDR5 and a new socket! New socket also might allow higher max TDPs (just a guess–if I were competing with Intel and they were upping TDPs, I’d want the option to do the same), and depending on how many generations the BIOS/board support continues for, might give you the option to upgrade just the CPU a couple years later. Seems like the better starting point if you’re going to build a whole machine around a new CPU.

              Depending on what your mobo supports and your budget, could work out to do a smaller jump now (3900X or lower 5000-series?) and a bigger jump later. The <=12C ones are a bit less per core, the per-core boost from a 1700 will be substantial, and 3000s are in stock now and below their release prices.

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                TDPs are BS, they’re not upping advertised TDP because efficiency looks cool, but even out of the box Precision Boost will happily pull more power if cooling is good, and with PBO or static overclocking you can pull way more. AM4 is perfectly fine with over 300W on ambient cooling, the socket is not the limit for 16 cores.

                Depending on what your mobo supports

                X370 with a mediocre VRM, so not planning on keeping it for the next CPU.

                smaller jump now

                That would be a whole extra CPU I’d have to sell. I’ll wait and see what the local availability and pricing will be for 5950X.

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                  TDP for CPU’s is a very difficult thing to measure these days. But, in the power testing section of the review we can see that peak power is only about ~1.5x the advertised TDP, which is good compared to Intel where peak power is ~2x TDP for some parts.


                  AM4 is perfectly fine with over 300W on ambient cooling, the socket is not the limit for 16 cores.

                  300 watts on AM4 is only realistic when overclocking using liquid nitrogen cooling because the CPU’s are unable to draw more under normal conditions. The socket might be able to push that much power through under normal conditions, but the CPU would not be able to use it. Additionally, it looks like it the socket is the current limiter for clock count, we can see in the package pictures that there is no more space to put additional chiplets onto the CPU.

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                    The 5950X can pull >250 on ambient, >450 on LN2. Either way what I’m replying to is “New socket also might allow higher max TDPs” which basically means “headroom that current CPUs are not able to use” which is what you’re saying too :)

                    no more space to put additional chiplets onto the CPU

                    Yeah, but it’s not like they’re going to put a 32-core onto the mainstream socket? Unless there’s going to be a doubling of cores across all platforms again (128-core Threadripper) this would just eat into Threadripper sales even more.

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                    Not arguing with your conclusions, but just clarifying what I meant:

                    TDPs are BS

                    True they aren’t comparable between vendors and don’t mean the intuitive thing they used to anymore (kinda like process names like “7nm” quit indicating minimum feature size a while back). I’m saying AM5 might be specced to be able to jam more power through the chips and may even admit to/advertise it in the TDP number. Not like I know though!

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                5800X in a tiny mITX case is tempting. Will wait for others to try though. Mostly concerned about thermals.

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                  The thermals look to be identical or a little lower than their previous gen counterparts. At least according to the Linux Tech Tips review/benchmark.

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                  Soo I really shoud’ve waited with buying an rtx 2070 + ryzen 5 at the start of this year ;) But I needed it with corona and wouldn’t want to pay the full price.