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I was debating adding a “law” tag as it amounts to “defrauding BART for fares”, but this is a pretty great writeup of things enabled by crummy fare structure.


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    Could someone explain exactly how this works? I have a ticket from Millbrae to San Bruno, my friend has one from Pittsburgh/Bay Point to North Concord. So I’m going to end up at San Bruno, and my friend is going to be at North Concord. How are we supposed to swap tickets when we’re not at the same station? Also, even if we did swap tickets, wouldn’t we get kicked off the train since our ticket origins are wrong?

    Disclaimer: I have never actually ridden any form of public transportation in my life, so I don’t know how BART train tickets work. I assume that’s the part that’s confusing me.

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      The tickets are probably checked when you exit the station.

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        I must be missing something. How do you exchange the tickets if you aren’t at the same station?

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          Tickets are only checked at entry and exit, so even though one traveller (A) has bought a ticket for Millbrae to San Bruno, he/she doesn’t get off at San Bruno. Rather they stay on until they intersect with the other traveller (B), at which point A and B exchange tickets. Traveller A now has a ticket that allows exit at North Concord and traveller B has one that allows exit at San Bruno.

          Does that make sense?

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            Thank you, that makes sense now. :)