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    zig’s ability to work well with C, while not being dependent on C, I think is going to be a huge part of the language’s growth and popularity. It might not get a lot of hype, but I feel like it will get used more and more because people find it so useful. Just sort of theory, I have no evidence.

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      Doubtful because good C FFI has existed for a long time…

      I think Zig’s similarity to C is its biggest attractive feature, because there are so many C programmers…

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        Maybe better than the C-Zig interop alone, is the surrounding Zig build system and toolchain. In my build.zig file I can point to a mixture of Zig and C source code and the Zig compiler will compile (or even cross compile) with no external dependencies needed. Not only does it make C interop easy, I only need one compiler to do so.

        We have already seen examples taking advantage of Zig’s bundled cc/cxx, and I think we will likely see more in the future.