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    mu is a tool for dealing with e-mail messages stored in the Maildir-format. mu’s purpose in life is to help you to quickly find the messages you need; in addition, it allows you to view messages, extract attachments, create new maildirs, and so on.

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      mu, offlineimap and msmtp are my current email setup and I can’t recommend them highly enough - they’re one of the few systems that can reliably and quickly search through bunches of email. And I can just tar up my email for backups with ease!

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      I’ve been using mu4e for years (first with offlineimap then with isync) and it’s quite nifty and convenient. It integrates well into Emacs’s existing mail tools too.

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        I used Gnus years ago and it was pretty good for dealing with mailing lists, but also kind of clunky in some ways… then I used Emacs built-in Rmail with an mbox file, which was simple and nice, but a bit slow with a large email archive. Now a few weeks ago I finally switched to mu with mu4e and isync and I’m very happy with it.

        Actually isync isn’t super fast with Gmail; it takes around a second per mailbox to synchronize, but I can live with that…

        I love the thoughtful design of the default mu4e main screen where you choose between simple query bookmarks like “unread messages”, “today’s messages”, and “last 7 days.” I added a query like file:/pdf$/ to show me all emails with PDF attachments, which is extremely useful for finding receipts and invoices.

        And just a minute ago I realized I could get HTML messages to display as plain text by customizing the shr group to disable colors and fonts, so now I’m even happier.

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        Missing a (2018) does it not?

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          Wow, I totally missed that. I though this was just a few days old.

          Should I delete the post?

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            Just add (2018) to title, and I guess you’re fine.

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              Hmm, I can’t do that anymore, I’ve posted it too long ago. I don’t think it should be too much of an issue though.

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          I’m very happy with mu and mu4e. I also convert RSS/ATOM feeds to maildir and read them alongside mailing lists.