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    I wonder if Jenkins will ever escape its legacy of being slow, monolithic, heavy, old school CI. This feels like a step in the right direction, but possibly just lipstick on pig. Today we have quite a few modern alternatives (both oss and saas) that have been well-designed (both from a systems design and UX perspective) from the ground up without all the baggage. A few that come to mind: Drone, Travis, GitLab CI, CircleCI, Concourse, Shippable.

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      It already did. Setting up Jenkins using a Jenkinsfile and the pipeline plugin quickly done and is a nice tradeoff between having an easy to get started with setup with a lot of options in the long run.

      There’s no CI server that handles inter-project dependencies and long build pipelines as good as Jenkins.

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        I don’t agree. We’ve been using Jenkins 2.x for the last ~11 months and it’s been a nightmare. Jenkinsfile is a bug-ridden incomplete implementation of the Groovy language that errors on valid code constantly. This is consistent with its legacy and reputation.

        Good point on inter-project deps; not something I need very often so I don’t get to take advantage of it.

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          I’ll have to agree on Jenkinsfiles being both great, and horrible.

          I just debugged a problem that turned out to be a \ in an sh directive. Groovy is possibly the worst language I have ever used for string manipulations.