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I have changed the title so that other users are not disturb by my politically incorrect title.


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    I don’t want to be the guy to say it, but this title is very tasteless. I don’t know what would happen if someone published an article titled

     Building a Javascript Gas Chamber: The Final Solution to Reactive Programming

    Let’s remember the horrors of the D-day on both sides and not misuse the name of historical events in the context of such a marginal topic.

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      I’ll admit to getting a horrible chuckle out of your example–presumably it’s delivered over a Rails backend?

      That said, the original article’s title wasn’t particularly offensive to me, because there is something to be said for the analogy of storming the beaches and breaking into the neckbearded reactionary world of the Erlang folks.

      Also, there’s still plenty of time left for horrors. :)

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        Well it would be the same type of dark humor that many developers have: “Finally, a Lisp compiler that does what it should. Stalin brutally optimizing Scheme compiler”. Probably the title doesn’t bother me because I am so attached to D-Day as you to the Hundred Year’s War.

        I have changed the title because I did not want to disturb skade or you.

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          Stalin got it’s fair share of criticism back in the day as well, I’ve seen a number of complaints about it’s naming.

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            That is exactly why I used it as an example. To begin with, using Stalin as a name does not mean he agree with him, it is the other way around. Anyway, I think the discussion is getting a little bit offtopic. I have already changed the title since it is an interview. If it would have been an article of mine I would have left the title intact.

            I have already changed the title so not to disturb FRIGN and skade. Let’s try to discuss about Erlang and ML.

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            I have changed the title because I did not want to disturb skade or you.

            FWIW, I wasn’t disturbed. I found it arbitrary, unfitting and didn’t feel very compelled to read the post, to which I still feel it had 0 connection.

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          What does all this have to do with an invasion, especially D-Day?

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            For the last few years many Erlang devs like me wanted a language with a static type system on top of the Erlang vm. This is a good starting point. That is why I liked to call it an ML invasion into the Erlang world. However it is nothing more than a catchy title.

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              FWIIW, I thought it was a good title.