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    I really like the neovim project. I think they’re doing great work. I do worry that with Vim on github now that they might lose a lot of steam. Even they noted that development of Vim has increased significantly since moving to github. Sure, neovim might be winning on a lot of technical merits, but we all know that it’s not always the best software that wins.

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      The original maintainer also has stopped working on the project for personal reasons, which can be difficult for a project to take.

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        I hang in their IRC channel – it seems very much alive.

        I really like what they did with language plugins. They use IPC instead of embedding, meaning you can have python2, python3, ruby and lua plug-ins all at the same time. You just need the interpreters on your system. This would rid of the various packages with combinations of embeddings we have in the OpenBSD vim port, for example.

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          As the projects stands today, I think you’re right, it’s still very alive. I’m only worried it won’t last.

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            I use it exclusively now, so lets hope it keeps going strong

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            Oh good, I’m glad to hear that. I confess that although I use nvim, I don’t really participate in the community at all. I’ll go into IRC on occasion, but only for support (which means I’ve gone in there maaaaybe once or twice :-P ).

            But I’m glad it is still going strong. I keep meaning to check out some of the “extras” that they’ve been developing, but up till this point I’ve pretty much just used it as a drop-in replacement for the system vim.