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      I’ve been trying to get gdc fully working on Windows today and wow gcc takes FOREVER to build (or in my case, forever to tell me it cannot figure out object file suffix and cannot compile, im sure im doing it wrong but wow).

      I actually assumed gdc on Windows would just work - dmd has worked on Windows since day one and ldc has nice binary releases for it too, so I wanna try to make gdc binaries that can also be downloaded. mingw gcc just works and you (well, if you know how to compile gcc, but i know other people have done it) can compile gdc for it too. But it doesn’t build druntime + phobos. gdc’s maintainer says it is simply because the gdc on Windows doesn’t set version(Windows) and that should be an easy fix but I’m still stuck just getting it to build at all.

      Anyway, as the blog author saw openbsd is a bit more of a pain because of druntime’s C binding policy - never assume anything is shared between OSes, even if they are very similar. There’s separate blocks for FreeBSD, OpenBSD, DragonFlyBSD, etc. So not only do you have to get the version set in the compiler build, but you also need to copy and verify those bindings. Not super hard but totally tedious.

      But another thing gdc’s maintainer tells me is he aims to automate that in the future. gcc knows all those values so he wants to make the gdc build just create those bindings automatically. It’ll be really cool when it works… but it’ll probably be a while before that’s released.