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Via http://marc.info/?l=git&m=146972615206372


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    I always was worried about Gmane not being there forever. Using both a news and a mail reader is less convenient as managing (and configuring) a single mail client.

    But now, I start to be worried about Gmane’s maintainer, which is also a great gnus and emacs developper!

    While relying on Gmane is pleasant, I would prefer a local NNTP to Maildir gateway, keeping all the mailing lists I want offline in ~/News, along with `~/Mail~. In order to read it with my usual mail reader.

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      That’s only part of it – The large archive is also quite important.

      I’m hoping someone (eg, the Internet Archive or Mozilla) picks up gmane, and works to keep this archive of mailing lists going. It’s a pity that there couldn’t have been some sort of orderly handoff.

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        That is right, the internet archive, or any large infrastructure that can serve a few terabytes of plain text.

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          Jason Scott did comment, so we’ll see…

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        Please encourage the potential volunteers to band together to form a commission or board, headed by some person famous in the FLOSS community. Like I dunno, joeyh or somebody. (Sorry man, I’m sure somebody else will be proposed, just wanted to get the conversation rolling. :) )