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      Does anyone here use recutils? I think I hear about them every few years, but never use them for anything.

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        The Guix distribution uses it, for package descriptions maybe? I forgot, sorry.

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          No, they use S-Expressions (see package archive). Would be a shame if they used Lisp without making use of such a fundamental feature.

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            They print the package descriptions on the CLI as recutil records.

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              Oh, didn’t notice that. I guess I was confused by the term “package descriptions” in the context of a functional/declarative package manager.

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                That’s on me, I was in a hurry when I wrote that. Sorry!

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      Didn’t know about this. Pretty interesting. Thanks rain1.

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      The GNU Recutils is a textbook example of how to have a decent set of tools with ridiculous marketing that makes the project look like a joke.

      The idiocy of the logo is only made more idiotic via the answers about it in the FAQ:

      1. About the logo
      • Why is the logo depicting a pair of copulating turtles?
      • What is the name of the turtles?
      • Why those names?
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        I looked at the logo, thought “why is the logo two turtles fucking?”, then reasoned “nah, it’s just a turtle and a shadow, and someone just didn’t think about it.”

        I’m…not shocked as such to learn that my first interpretation was correct, but I’m definitely disappointed.

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        Oh wow, new levels of awkward humour from the FSF….

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          This is an old level.

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        Yeah, I immediately had a WTF moment seeing the turtles.

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        Heh, that’s wonderful. I’d like see more software projects with the sense of playfulness that leads them to have their logo be a pair of gay turtles fucking.

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        :: facepalm ::

        The tools actually look really nice and they solve a real problem.

        now I am wondering how to actually get this changed so I can, e.g., share the project with others who might be a little straight-laced.

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          Ask for a commercial version?

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            … no? I don’t just use software at work. I have a broad enough community outside of commerce that could use good tools.

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          Maybe they would prefer SQLFairy if two gay turtles are too much?

          Or not tell anyone the FAQ explicitly mentions Fred and George are homosexual.

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        That’s weird, why is the logo on the Savannah page a microphone then?

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          Because savannah has also perfected the art of tedious and confusing navigation.

          See: https://www.gnu.org/software/recutils/

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            No, I saw that page, I was just confused why there seem to be two logos, one “acceptable” the other probably some inside-joke.

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      I can’t find anywhere in documentation, what performance characteristics does it have? Probably when adding new record to the end it can just append it, but how it updates existing records? It probably should rewrite whole file, but does it read all data after updated record to the memory? Or does it use temporary files? Or maybe it uses file block remapping tricks?

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      I keep meaning to use these. This looks like a good excuse to start.