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      ARM64 GPU drivers for AMD/NVIDIA is just not there yet I assume

      Here we go again.

      amdgpu does not care what your CPU ISA is, it works great on aarch64, riscv64, powerpc64(le), …

      It won’t work on the RK3399 though at least because BAR space is hard (?) limited to 32mb on that SoC and GPUs require 128mb at least. And for all we know there might be other PCIe bugs. Embedded SoCs tend to have terrible PCIe implementations that just barely work for NVMe, XHCI and NICs and that’s it. Apple and Broadcom straight up don’t support mapping PCIe as normal (not device) memory.

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        Thanks for the info! I’ll fix the article.

        Played around with Radeon RX550 briefly on that board, couldn’t make it work and totally forgot what was the issue :)