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      To be fair it was a different URL, so the duplicate submission detector didn’t work. The author must have migrated their blog off medium.

      And from a comment on the previous post: Introducing Glommio, a Thread-per-Core Crate for Rust & Linux, which uses io_uring.

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        The author must have migrated their blog off medium.

        Well, they got their own domain name but it’s still hosted by Medium

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          Yeah, I don’t blame OP at all. I just knew I had seen that article before so I went looking for it.

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        This talks a lot about how NVMe drives are super duper fast, and I’m sure they are… but users still have hard drives. I still have hard drives. SSDs are extremely expensive per gigabyte still, especially if you want one with a fast interface like NVMe.

        This article is technically interesting, but outside of very limited applications where you know exactly what your target hardware is, “storage is slow” is still generally true.

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            Wow, that thread is cancer.

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              To me it just looks like 99% of all Internet threads where two or more people hold slightly differing positions and are just reading past each other in an effort to be right. At least there’s a good amount of technical discussion in there, as flame wars go, this is pretty mild.