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    As I said on HN: It’s hard to take these kind of posts seriously when Reddit mobile site is one of the worst performing SPAs I’ve ever used.

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      I want to know why they chose that unreadable font in the editor screenshot.

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        I haven’t been able to figure it out myself, but for some reason H&Co’s Operator has become pretty popular with developers. There’ve been a couple blog posts about it in the past. The only one I can remember is Kenneth Reitz’s.

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          Not sure if I’d get on with Operator - or, more to the point, whether I could ever justify splurging $200 on it - but I really enjoyed the “making-of” video. It’s a lovely thing to see anyone quietly but devotedly giving as much of a shit about anything as the people working on that font clearly do about typography. An unexpected pleasure, thanks for linking.

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            “Much like an Hermès Edition Apple Watch, it is an entirely unnecessary expense that may bring great subjective joy to your life.”

            So, you’re a pretentious dolt?

            “P.S. This blog post was written entirely with pen and ink—surprisingly fun.”


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              I guess a typewriter wasn’t hipster-cool enough.

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            If you use it for a while it becomes perfectly readable to you.