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    @tedu your site has a broken cert chain, throws https errors in Chrome and Firefox

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      (He’s using a self-signed certificate, hence the warning. You can read more here)

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        It reads “Your connection is not secure.”

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          Ah, point. You’d have to click through the warning to see why it’s safe to click through the warning.

          Here is a link to the Google-cached copy of the article. That will let you read the article “moving to https” without ignoring any warnings.

          Also, here is the loste.rs discussion on “moving to https”.

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            Thanks! I see my concerns have been posted, mostly by lmm.

            I guess that’s the last article by @tedu I read for a while, and I’ll have to flag future posts with “Already Posted” as I’ve seen that cert error page a number of times before.

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        Alas, that’s not likely to change any time soon.

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          Is anybody here motivated enough to make a lobsters cert authority?

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            One already posted his key for a web-of-trust in the making. Probably a better model for a small, opinionated community. I’ll also note it being a Ruby app makes me concerned about trusting it as a CA. If anything, we should do it Keybase-style where our Lobster’s comments/messages become one of many authenticated transports sharing the same credential to increase confidence in its authenticity. That could go right in the profile, though, with a machine-readable tag. That would maintain low noise in the threads.

            EDIT: I forgot to add this is common with Keybase users on Hacker News. They put it at the bottom of their profile in brackets.